WEBE 108 Photos Through The Years!


Left, Bob Gilmore 2005. Right, Bob Gilmore 2012



Left, part of the 2012 Sales team. Right, Danny Lyons in the Lyons Den, 2012



Left, Joan Franzino in the WEBE 108 Newsbooth, Circa 1999. Right, Bryce Findlayson, Danny Lyons and Alissa Balouskus 2011



Left, Mike McGowan in the on-air studio, 2012. Right, Norman, Danny and Mike having fun at Kidsfest 2012



Left, Marnie Klebart, Alissa Balouskus & Miranda Goodspeed 2012, Right, Peter Bush on the air from the original studio 2007.



Left, Robbie Bridges on the air, 2011, Right Bob Gilmore, Curt Hansen & Danny Lyons at a remote, 2012



Left, Stormin Norman in the studio, 2012, Right Paulette Rochman at Captains Cove 2011

Bob Gilmore on the air, 2012


WEBE 108 / WICC 600 Holiday Party 2012

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