WNAB 1450, "The sound of the city". Shown left is Art McDonald also known as Captain Afternoon. What a great set of pipes he had! I really miss hearing his radio shows. Fortunately I have one of his shows on tape. In the same photo in the background is talk show host Ray Carole. He would follow Art McDonald at 7 PM M-F. The photo was taken in 1977. The station had a Top-40 format. Art is now retired. I heard from him in October 2009.

The photo on the right is Hal Baird. He was the weekend morning voice for years on the station. Another voice I sure miss hearing. He was with the station until it went dark on March 31, 1985. Later on that year the station became WJBX, with a new studio location. Only a few years later the station became Radio Cumbre, WCUM, a Spanish station.  



This photo on the left of Ron Dudak was taken in 1979. Ron could be heard most weekends as well as during the week. WNAB was also my first commercial station to work for. At the age of 17, I was hired part-time by the late Tiny Markel seen on the right. Tiny was the kind of guy that gave many of us the chance to get our foot in the door. Tiny Markel also had is own talk show over the years on the station before leaving for WICC 60 in Bridgeport. Tiny Markel passed away in the late 80's from Cancer. I dedicate this photo page to the memory of Tiny Markel.




The photo on the left shows Jim Berry closing his eyes as he waits for the newscast to end. Jim did the morning show for a few years in the early 80's. Before Jim did mornings, Joe Thomas was doing them for a couple of years. Joe returned to Providence where he was originally from.

On the right is Russ Garrett. He can still be heard on the air here in Southwestern Connecticut from time to time. Russ did many airshifts back in the early 80's.





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