Bob Gilmore's Radio Photo Album #1


WAVZ New Haven, CT. The bumper sticker as seen above was popular in the mid to late 1970s.



 These are a collection of four studio shots of 13 WAVZ in New Haven, CT back in the late 70's.

 Radio BBQ, 2005 here at my house.

 Pictured above is l to r, Al Warren of WICC, Mark Edwards of WLNG, & Joe Pelham Engineer for area broadcasters and satellite systems. In the background standing up is Dick Bartley, Joe McCoy, and Mike Fitzgerald.



Photo left: l-r, Robby Bridges, Dennis Jackson, David Plotkin, Mike Fitzgerald, Anita Bonita, Joe McCoy, Famous Amos, & Jim Ferris. The photo on the right is Tim Richmond of WMEX-FM in Rochester, NH.



The party always extends into the home studio. Left photo: Pictured left to right: Greg Monti, John Landry, & Andy Bologovsky. Right photo: Left to right, Dick Bartley and Mike Fitzgerald.



Seen sitting at the table, Greg Monti on the left, Bill Holder of ABC Radio, & Kevin Plumb, Chief Engineer of WPLJ & WABC, now VP Audio Technology at ESPN. The photo on the right is Alissa Balouskus, of WEBE 108, now Promotions Director there.

Photos from Radio Party 2011


Left: Robbie Bridges, Bob Gilmore, Peter Bush. Right Photo: Paul DiMarco, Steve West, Bill DeFelice & Brett Provo



Left: Tracy Carmen, Al Warren, Jim Buchanan. Right Photo: Daniel Coulombe, Peter Bush.



Left: Joe McCoy, Al Warren & Jim Buchanan. Right: Bob Gilmore, Peter Bush, Pete Salant & Norm Thibeault

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