Bob Gilmore's Radio Photo Album 2



The photo on the left is Long John of 600 WICC Bridgeport, CT. taken May 2007.

  The photo on the right, Dee with Al Warren, 2012.




 The photo to the left was taken in July 2002 at WCBS-FM 101.1's 30th anniversary show in New York. That's Dan Ingram at the mike.

 The photo to the right is Harry Harrison in the back and Sue Evans on the left with Dan Daniel on the right. One of the nicest crews I have met. The photo was taken August 2001. I miss hearing all of them on the air!



  The photo above on the left is Harry Harrison in one of the production studio's. I took this photo August 2001 and had him autograph it for me on his last day on the air, March 19, 2003.

 Above right is Al Merideth, News Director of CBS-FM and on the right is former Program Director Joe McCoy.



 On the left, the building that housed 93 KHJ in Los Angeles, CA. This was also the home of KNX, and Hit Radio 93 KKHR. This photo was taken by me in July 1984.

 On the right, 91Q, WRCQ Farmington / Hartford, CT. Seated is Art McDonald. Circa early 1980's. Art McDonald was also heard on 1450 WNAB in Bridgeport, CT back in the late seventies.



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