Here are some guidelines I use when trading with others. Take a moment to read through this so that we are on the same frequency.

Also see below for cassette pinch roller problems. Thanks!

When making a "REQUEST", please be sure to include the Catalog number located at the end of each line, and the side of the tape located near the beginning of the line unless it's a CD, then just give the number. This will ensure the correct request. Including the whole line is best. This way I can use it as a work sheet when making dubs of the tapes.

In most cases I send out requests on CD. I can send out MP3 copies through which has worked out fine.

Outgoing CD's get paper envelope sleeves and get mailed in a CD mailer. I try and get the best possible quality to you. I have re-mastered some tapes that I have gotten on trades to reduce hiss or any other unwanted bass, or treble. There have been a few tapes with a low signal on one channel, and a good one on the other. I will re-master that tape to be one solid sound on both channels. Hopefully itís a mono AM station. This will fix the phase problems too. I won't do this for FM Stereo recordings. In recent past I have been re-mastering some of my old recordings onto CD.

If you are recording an FM station that is in STEREO, please be sure it's in STEREO. I get way too many trades from others who record them in MONO. I don't generally save these, there's so much lost in stereo production that I'm looking for in these.

I ship CDs in padded envelopes. I use first class postage unless otherwise specified. I don't do large trades and in many cases it takes weeks to get done with my work schedule.

The photo to the left was taken to show you what worn out pinch rollers look like. If your rollers appear to be shiny like the roller on the right, it's time to replace them. The rollers get like this from playing old tapes, and frequent use. I have to replace my rollers twice a year in most decks. Having shiny rollers like this will cause your tapes to be eaten or most of all poor tracking. So if you are wondering why your tapes don't track well, take a flashlight and inspect your pinch rollers. There should be little or no shine at all.

Replacing pinch rollers isn't too difficult to do if you have had experience doing similar repair work, otherwise bring your deck to a professional. While they have your deck, ask them to clean and de-magnetize your heads for you.

Another word of note, turn off your tape deck when not using it. Some cassette decks let the motor run even when the tape isn't being played. This will burn out the motor sooner than it should. Motors will cost more to have replaced. In all cases, ask how much the repairs will cost before you before you leave the deck. It takes me about 15-20 minutes to install new rollers in most decks. The part costs about three to five dollars (per roller). Just be smart about it. Hope this helps you!

Bob Gilmore 


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