This station replaced 1450 WNAB in Bridgeport, CT back in November 1985. It only lasted until 1989 before turning to a Spanish format. The current call letters are WCUM for Radio Cumbré. The station had a great variety of oldies, and had a decent mix of the new stuff. The frequency killed this station with all of the noise at night. The 1000 Kilowatts just didn't cut it too well out of the Bridgeport metropolitan area on a local frequency. I did manage to pick the station up on skip in Maine one weekend. That was pretty neat. In 1986 & 1987 I had a part-time airshift there for a while and it was quite enjoyable.

On the right is Mike Dowling, the first Program Director for the station. Mike also had an airshift to do as well as his management position. After Mike left, Mark Trulove took his place. Mike is now a teacher for a school system in Florida, and Mark Truelove is a car salesman in Peoria, IL.


The photo to the left shows Dennis Donovan in the production studio preparing for his show the next day. Dennis had a great sound on the air. At one time Dennis worked for 1360 WDRC in Hartford, CT.

The mixer board shown in production was the on-air board used at WNAB back in the 70's and early 80's. I often wonder if the board is still in use. That was the first mixer I got to use in commercial radio back in 1978.







To the right, Candy Curry is seen sitting at the control board doing afternoons. Candy also did evenings for a while and brought in good numbers for the station. She had a great sound on the air. Last I heard Candy and Roscoe got married and have a family. They reside in Long Island, NY. Below left is Chris DelConte who was doing afternoon drive for a short time. Chris now works in Wisconsin. Below right is Blaine selecting music for a shift. WJBX had a great selection of music as you can see.











A list of some of the names who was on the air there that I could think about:

Chuck McCoy

Mike Dowling

Candy Curry

Mike Cella

Bob Gilmore

Blaine Brockelhurst

Paul Piorek

Dennis Donovan

Mark Trulove

Chris DelConte

Bobbi Zemo

Ed Butler


Mike Raub

Chuck Olsen


Roger Keithline

Lenore Schomel

Tony Cortez


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