WLAM 1470 Lewiston, Maine

To the left is the old studio's located on Rt. 4 in Auburn, Maine. When I took this picture back in 1978, the facilities only had one floor. The transmitting antenna's are just to the left side of the building. Eventually a second floor was built and the studios for WLAM were moved upstairs. The picture on the right was taken sometime around 1982.


I can remember the wonderful sound of the station back in the 70's. They sounded like WABC and WLS, but with a local sound.

I am currently looking for airchecks from WLAM back in the 70's and early 80's. If you have any, please contact me at the e-mail address below. It would be greatly appreciated.

Today the building houses only the transmitter and carries ESPN Radio.




One Sunday on my way back from Northern Maine, I just had to stop and check out the studio's. This was the studio when the building only had one floor.

While this photo was taken, I was airchecking the show in the car. The DJ's name is J.R. Robinson. The paper bag on the right was full of apples which he used on a commercial, that can be heard on the aircheck. Another DJ I used to stop by and see was Al Withers. He was also nice enough to send me some cassettes with airchecks before I had a car to drive up there myself. Jeff Davis was another DJ I remember as well as Mark Erickson and Don Zilhman. 





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