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When radio was fun to listen to back in the day. The good old days of radio when I was growing up! It's here where you will see the listings of stations I have recorded and traded over the years.

My favorite radio listening years is the late 60's through the late 80's. The Oldies and Top-40 radio stations are my favorites. Thank goodness there were people recording the radio back in the 60's when I was too young to own a tape recorder. In the 1970's, I started airchecking and have continued since, and have been trading airchecks since 1998. It's a lot of fun. I have found that smaller trades are more fun than large ones. It's better because there's real quality time to listen to them and still have time for dubbing.

I grew up in the 60's, and started working in radio in 1976. My first commercial job in radio was at 1450 WNAB in Bridgeport, CT. Over the years I worked at several stations. My last two on the list are WEBE 108 in Connecticut and CJMQ in Sherbrooke, Québec. Amateur Radio is another hobby for me. My call sign is WD1M. I'm not too active on the bands these days but used to do this night and day back when I had more time. In 1990 I served as President for the Fairfield Amateur Radio Association (FARA) in Connecticut. I currently work for ESPN Radio Engineering.

Aircheck collecting is lots of fun and not too costly. Now hard drive space is quite affordable and you can store them that way as well as CD's or tapes like I have. it's a great way to bring back some memories of the past. Start digging in those attics and basements for those old tapes! If you find some decent Top-40 radio in decent shape and not edited, let me know, I may be interested! Here's My Want List. I'm only trading for high quality recordings at this point. No large trades. I have very little time to do them.

Note: My trading time is very limited! I'm looking for airchecks on my want list, high quality recordings and must be unscoped.

Airchecks archived on CD should be backed up. The data on a few of my airchecks dating back 12 years is starting to fade, or called CD ROT. Please be sure your disks that are aging are backed up to a new CD or to a hard drive.




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